Health Care : A Model Continuum Of Care

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The health sector has been going through a transition with an aim to improve quality of care outcomes and reduce cost. Different care models have been implemented to meet these goals for example Continuity or Continuum of care, Nurse managed Health Clinics, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), and Medical homes. The author discusses the different concepts of care and how they are influencing or will influence the shift of care from acute hospital care to community settings. The author will discuss input from colleagues in relation to this topic and the challenges in implementing these concepts. Health Care models Continuum or Continuity of care is a model Continuum of Care is a concept that monitors the patients care delivery and outcomes in the different facets of health care specialties and intensity of care. The concepts focus on care delivery from conception to end of life and the health care provided in the different stages in life. The concept focus on acute hospital care, ambulatory care, housing, home care, and wellness among others. It involves care planning and management, care coordination, information management, and financing (HIMS, 2014). The area of focus are different in order to address the specific needs identified for example, specific objectives in acute hospital care will be different from those of home care. Nurse-Managed Health Clinics “Nurse‐managed health clinics offer opportunities to expand access; provide quality, evidence‐based care; and improve
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