Health Care: A Qualitative Analysis

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The article, “How Predictive Analytics Are Transforming Health Care,” has a big vision for health care researchers and practitioners as well as reducing the hospital readmissions. These predictive analytics have a positive impact for the health care systems and have a potential to transform the health care system towards the information technology. These also help to advance the practitioners’ awareness on decisions making towards data sources. As the article mentioned, the predictive analytics will help to predict critical illnesses and try to find the solutions as quickly as possible. At the same time, large hospitals and most health care organizations have already implemented the electronic health records and accessed their patient’s data…show more content…
These three main points show some features in the health care system and how the data analytic help to identify staffing needs. Here is a quick look at these three main points: First, predictive analytic data has been historical for many years and has interested in for several reasons. This cannot exist before without necessary data, and now patients are becoming more available as a result of Electronic Health Records. The technology is growing rapidly that could help to analyze the data. For example, Mercy Health System is interested in using predictive analytics for many reasons. One reason is being to figure out, which patients can be discharged sooner than other patients based on their health conditions. This encourages hospitals to have the right medical equipment in advance. Second, the researchers in Pennsylvania created a new project that implements important medical reading machines, which help detect heart failures and other serious diseases. This project will allow patients with high-risk diseases get the care they need while receiving home care. This project also invites other technology companies to invest and analyze the data together for the future. Third, according to the article, Mercy’s health system searching data showed that many providers used alternative medications to treat the aftermath pain of the surgery. However, most of chronic patients received less opioid pain relievers. At this time, most health providers are arguing whether or not to limit the usage of opioids. I believe that the opioid epidemic is a big debate in our society, so all practitioners should be more aware to prescribe an alternative pain-killer than
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