Health Care Act Of Indiana And The United States

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Health care in Indiana and the United States has received a lot of attention since the Barack Obama presidential campaign in 2008. Hoosiers in Indiana and Americans throughout the United States lack health care coverage. One goal all individuals have is obtaining health care coverage suitable for their individual needs. Since the health care reform became a big topic of discussion, health insurance has started to become more available. Between Obamacare and work sponsored health insurance, many Americans are able to have health insurance. According to research done by Westover et. al (2013), the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA) created a greater future role for state Medicaid health plans and necessitates more efficient health care coverage. Low-income individuals have the need for more frequent medical attention than previously insured patients. Gaps in health care coverage, whether partial or full year gaps, have been linked to adults with serious, chronic health conditions. According to research done by Gulley, Rasch, and Chan (2011), among all working-aged adults, 28 million (16%) remained uninsured for all 12 months, and an additional 21 million (12%) reported part year coverage. The goal of the health care reform was to eventually provide equal care coverage and quality to all Americans. The primary focus of researchers studying the health care reform is to discover how much coverage Americans have access to and also to
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