Health Care Administrators

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Statement of the problem
The provision of quality and affordable patient care is a challenging aspect because of the complexities of health care organizations and its systems. Health care organizations accrues challenges in delivery, accessibility, financing, determining the outcome of health care services, organization pricing and in making decisions for health related issues. As such, this has increased public dissatisfaction in the provision of health care service in America.
Purpose of the study The goal of the study is to understand the roles of health care administrators in improving quality care through coordination and supervision. It seeks to provide knowledge on the correlation between hospital administration and the provision of
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A hospital administrator helps in the communication process by letting the patient know about the hospital procedure by creating a patient care program that address the patient needs and reduce their anxiety. Nonetheless, hospital administrators also have management duties which include planning, staffing, coordinating, reporting, evaluation, organization and staffing. The management function of the hospital administrators requires a lot of knowledge, reasoning, foresight and acquisition of special techniques and experience. In addition, hospital administrators aid in the hospital decision-making process through providing dynamic and flexible insight to help the organization make informed choices. The focus of hospital administration is to ensure that the management process is running efficiently and its decisions comply with hospital policies and federal laws. More pertinently, hospital administrators help in supervision and coordination of workers by ensuring they perform their required tasks with the assigned hospital resources on the stipulated period. In fact, the administration help in carrying out hospital inventories to help improve service provision. In conclusion, it is evident that hospital administrators play a critical role in improving quality care through establishing best practice in service provision and taking actions that improve the delivery
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