Health Care And Family Dynamics

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In the modern and ever changing world improvements in life quality, healthcare, and technology have enhanced and extended life. Although in many ways, this has been a good thing, it has also created a number of issues that prior generations did not face. In addition to changes which are enhancing and extending life, younger family members are becoming more regional and less local. Children are moving away for college and to take on jobs to move forward with their own lives at a much larger scale than years prior. These factors bring on a whole new set of issues in regards to elder care and family dynamics than ever before. One of the most common issues faced occurs when the wishes of an elderly adult is in contrast to opinion of family members, caregivers, or health care providers. Different ideas about what is best in terms of living accommodations, healthcare decisions, and general care are only a few of life decisions that plague families . This can be especially sensitive when elderly adults are still of sound mind. There are also occasions where physical limitations, sickness or the need for help put elderly adults in situations that are adamantly against their wishes due to lack of support or the adverse opinion of family members. There are also changes in values which have occurred over generations which cause disparity between younger generations and older generations. The values of family first, and obligations to elderly family members have for various
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