Health Care And Quality Care

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As a graduate student offering healthcare administration, one of the key issues relevant to this field is managed care and quality care. Most of the concern for the last several decades was focused on the cost of increase in healthcare delivery. Focus during this age was on physician patient relationship dependence; where services provided were based on ‘fee for services’ or what is called unmanaged or traditional form of healthcare delivery. With this system, patients were charged base on the nature of sickness including hours spent. Because the system was a source of income to physicians, they inclined to spend quality time giving quality care to achieve a positive result if not negative using effective evidence based system (where patients were allowed to bring to counter their own personal preference and unique concerns as well as expectations which includes values). But the question still remains that, how many people were able to afford this kind of health cost? Obviously the average and the unemployed couldn’t afford and this became a burden for the public, because the structure was favoring only the rich in terms of cost and quality of care. The continuity of this issue (unmanaged care) made America one of the highest healthcare costs in the world with about 60% to 100% higher than most other countries because only few people could purchase it (health cost). And as those cost approached, it then exceeded to 14% overall economic output, thus increasing pressure
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