Health Care And Social Care

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This essay will begin by defining the difference between health care and social care. Health care this is where your needs are met medically this could be through NHS, for example if someone was suffering from illness or injury etc. The national health services are in the responsibility of the Welsh Government, As for social care services are run by local authority and services could be for example would be like day care centres, adult placements and also care homes. According to (Addison 1994), “The social services in Britain, taken all in all, were the most advanced in the world in 1939” In the adult social care sector 1.26 million people receiving local authority-funded social care which works out as an annual budget of around about £13 billion and a work face of some 1.6 million people (HM Government, 2008, pp21, 45 Skills for Care, 2010). The NHS has often been dominated by various public sector provision, these social care staff have been working a wide variety of public, private and statutory organisations. In Health and social care there are many different services that are put out there to help people in many different situations this could be in an emergency or even needing every day support. Another example of how important health and social services are is if someone is suffering a serious illness or condition means that health and social care becomes fundamental part of their everyday life and becomes critical of the lifestyle they live. As a positive remark

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