Health Care And Social Service Funding

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Mainstream culture in America is constantly evolving. Family structures have changed over time with more single parent families. Support from extended family members have become minimum. Many parents are isolated with limited resources and support. This is especially true for parents who have children with behavioral problems. Parents that have children with behavior problems experience additional stress that contributes to their parenting abilities, their perceptions of their children, their relationship or bond with their children and their children’s behavior.
The problem is that health care and social service funding are underprovided and there is a need for effective, accessible, and low-cost interventions for
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Madden recruited participants primarily through notices placed in community newspapers and at community organizations. She also used other sources including notices sent home from schools and referrals from school resource staff and psychologists. The participants consisted of 35 parents from the Montreal area with at least one child with behavior problems. There were 25 married (or in a common law marriage) and there were 10 single participants. The parents ages ranged from 29-55 (mean of 39.17). The families had a total of 30 identified children with age range of 4-12 (mean 7.33). The family income ranged from under 20,000 to over 100,000 with a median of 60,000-69,000. 97% of the parents completed high school and 41% had obtained a university degrees. Out of the 35 participates, 22 parents participated in the intervention group and the remaining 13 participated in the controlled group.
Madden’s group assignment was originally to be randomized using a wait-list control design. However, groups were formed based on the participant’s availability to attend the group meeting. Thus, some parents who met inclusion criteria were assigned to the control group. At the end of the study, the control group parents were compensate for with gift certificates to Tim Hortons and a package containing resource information.
The pretest assessment include a brief

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