Health Care And The United States

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Health care has come a very long way since the earlier years, and still has a lot of improving to do. Health care can be very complex and frustrating, but has become a bit more manageable compared to the past. Hospitals today are a lot different then how they were years ago. Many hospitals are making medical advances to help people live longer, healthier lives. Health care is one of the most important benefits to a persons’ life. There are so many things affecting the health of people all around the world, both positive and negative. Canada and the United States health care systems are not perfect and needs some change for the better of the people. Healthcare in these countries are affected by differences in universal coverage, gender and …show more content…
Having access to hospitals, and getting treated with these new drugs and new technologies, one would think that everyone would get the same kind of health care. However, gender and ethnic disparities contribute to many individuals having access to health care. Access to health is the determinant factor of the health disparities. “In the United States disparities are well documented in minority populations such as African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanics, all of which constitute twenty eight percent of the population (McHenry, G.).” Ethnic disparities, indicators include social justice, economic realities, shifting census, and disease burden. Latinos tend to have low access to care and language barriers effecting both access and quality care. Studies show that Native Americans have low rates of education, unemployment, and extreme poverty (Kominski, G. 2014). In addition, there are major discrepancies as to how to treat cardiac diseases. Lower income areas have insufficient screening process, lower quality medical centers, and lack large talent pools. Unfortunately, Latinos and Americans are treated less aggressively for cancer than their white counterparts. African Americans are most affected by HIV/AIDS, and racial minorities have less access to quality mental health (Kominski, G. 2014). As for gender disparities, women in Canada tend to have

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