Health Care Around The Globe

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During American Government, we have discussed many issues that are debated in politics: Health care being one of those things. In the United States, we have Obamacare and it has helped many people who are in need of health care; however, under Trump’s presidency, that is bound to change. So, in order to understand health care more, I decided to read a book based on health care around the world, as it compares our health care to many other countries. This book discussed the accessibility to health care around the globe, the quality of health care in other countries, the cost of health care, and the challenges that countries are facing due to diseases. You can come up with two sources that oppose or support this dawg bc idk.
Access to Health
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According to the Constitution in South Africa, everyone is supposed to receive health care, but since crisis across the regions have caused a number of people to seek shelter there. These people are known as asylum seekers and in America they are known as refugees. As these refugees are seeking health care, some are being interviewed to see how well they are being treated: From what they have said, they are not receiving the proper care. Migrants are experiencing abuses that lead to vulnerability in their health and they are experiencing barriers that do not allow them to receive proper care.
The Quality of Health Care The next chapter compares the quality of health care in different countries. The first two countries compared were the United States and France, and although the United States is more superior than other countries in many ways, France’s accessibility time and affordability are better than the U.S. When looking into the United States, we are doing well with treating chronic diseases and diseases like cancer better than Canada and many other countries; not to mention, many over the Americans who have a lower income are known to be more healthy than many Canadians. However, compared to countries like France, which is more socialized, we are lacking in some categories. Finally, Cuba’s health care is discussed: Apparently, Cuba has some of the healthiest people compared to many of the most wealthiest countries. In Cuba, many
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