Health Care At Baillieston Care Home

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Baillieston Care Home is in North Lanarkshire they are committed to enhancing the lives of everyone who lives there. Residents and relatives are encouraged to take part in the care planning process and in evaluating its delivery. They have lounges and quiet areas on both floors, with separate dining rooms and a patio. Residents choose the colours for their corridors, and they encourage them to personalise their own rooms in the way that they would prefer. At Baillieston Care Home, residents are at the heart of every decision made. And their trained team of staff encourage residents to take part in all decisions where it be from the way their rooms are laid out or the services they would prefer to receive. (Four Seasons 2016) The client group for this sector varies from people living with dementia, learning difficulties and those who are in need rehabilitation, or those with certain physical disabilities. The different types of care which Baillieston Care home offers are Dementia Care, the staff have training on dementia care and have an understand of the challenges which may occur with living with dementia and are trained to look beyond the dementia diagnosis and to see the person as a unique Individual, to better understand them, and help encourage them live their lives in the way that they would prefer. Nursing Care, someone may need nursing care if they have a certain physical condition or difficulties. This might include those who need rehabilitation or who have

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