Health Care At The Medical World

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Growing up with the hopes of joining the medical world, I always believed in healing. I dreamt of how I would help people recover in hospitals for the rest of my life. Like most people who dream of spending the rest of their lives in a certain work place, I grew up believing that hospitals were as perfect as a health care facility could be. I thought most people who could survive would. I was not naive to the fact that older patients would have less of a chance of surviving a risky or routine procedure. I was also not naïve to the fact that some people would have terminal illnesses. I would never have imagined that hospitals could inflict infections rather than heal people from them. Doctors take an oath to do no harm and I always assumed…show more content…
I believe that it is achievable and needed to change the way hospitals are designed. As medicine and technology develops, it is vital that hospital design be improved to better patient care, by an increased focus on the patients and their recoveries, and enhance hospital efficiency. Changes in the design of hospitals could potentially reduce healthcare-associated infections. It is troubling to see that hospital related infections are causing pain, suffering, and even death. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that in 2011 there were 722,000 healthcare-associated infections with 75,000 of those patients dying during their hospitalization from those dieses (“Healthcare-associated Infections”). In fact, these infection rates can be drastically decreased by changing the way hospitals are designed. One way to reduce hospital related infections by changing the design is by putting patients in single-bed rooms. This reduces the amount of possible infections that are introduced to the patients. Infection could be introduced in many ways including surgery, IV’s, other patients, and nurses and doctors. AACN Bold voices said that the Healthcare-related infections decreased by 50 percent when patients were placed in private rooms (“Better Hospital Design Improves Patient Outcomes”). If infection rates are so high but can be lowered simply by having one patient per room, it is vital this be changed to become the new accepted
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