Health Care At The United States

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Section 1-Organizational Problem or Opportunity
Health care in the United States has had a steady rise in terms of the cost of running the service and receiving the service. Due to the heightened costs of running the health care sector, the pinch has been transferred to the consumer. In this case, the health care service seekers are the consumers. Among the significantly affected consumer group is the low income-earning individuals. These individuals already struggle with welfare costs and an increase in health care costs seems overwhelming for them. According to recent studies, community-based health care projects have helped in reducing the costs associated with the service. The portfolio project discusses the cost of health care as a problem, which reduces the access to health services, and identifies the business opportunities that exist in the problem.
Description of the problem or opportunity
About one-sixth of the national economy in terms of the budgetary and resource allocations goes to the health care sector. The percentage of allocations to the sector continues to rise every financial year. The increase in allocations by the government and other stakeholders should lead to an increase in the value delivered by the system. However due to demographical changes and the cost of health care technology, the additional resources only meet specific needs. Additionally, the health care sector has to raise funds through the services they offer (Ebeling, 2012). The approach…

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