Health Care At The United States

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Section 1-Organizational Problem or Opportunity
Health care in the United States has had a steady rise in terms of the cost of running the service and receiving the service. Due to the heightened costs of running the health care sector, the pinch has been transferred to the consumer. In this case, the health care service seekers are the consumers. Among the significantly affected consumer group is the low income-earning individuals. These individuals already struggle with welfare costs and an increase in health care costs seems overwhelming for them. According to recent studies, community-based health care projects have helped in reducing the costs associated with the service. The portfolio project discusses the cost of health care as a
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Not all low-income earners fail to access health care due to costs (Thomasian, & Scheppach, 2014). Therefore, the function of this probe is to identify approaches that have been used by other health care seekers in the same situation in order to access health services. Finally, the research will demystify the issue of lost hope in trying to reduce the costs and improvement of health care.
Management/Business Questions A series of management questions need to be asked in order to identify the key stakeholders in the problem. The questions also play a significant role in triggering reactions from the stakeholders. Finally, the questions guide the research process. These questions include;
MQ: Having identified this as the costs as a limitation to health care access, what is the role of workers’ unions for the low-income earners? (Workers belong to unions that have a role to present their interests to the employers).
ResearchQ1: For the low-income earners, who have the responsibility to cater for their health care?
ResearchQ2: How can individuals who work different jobs (working more than one-day job) initiate a health care support plan?
ResearchQ3: How can insurance companies initiate a program that offers comprehensive health coverage for low-income earners?
ResearchQ4: For the employers, is salary increment as effective as medical coverage for the workers?
ResearchQ5: How can the government contribute

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