Health Care At The United States

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Key messages: every country does their effort to make their citizen healthy and productive. In order to make citizen healthy, there should be enough health care workers to meet the increasing healthcare demands. Nowadays, not only in the USA but also all over the world facing nurse shortages which make difficult to provide appropriate health care to their citizens. Therefore, the Robert wood Johnson foundation and institute of medicine collaborate together and conducted the two-year long research aiming to find the solution of the problem and ways to reform the health care in order to provide quality and affordable care. In 2010, their report came out as a “ Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health”. In this report the…show more content…
This paper describes the importance of the IOM report in relation to the nursing workforce and the future of nursings, also discusses the RWJF and AARP initiation to implement the future of nursing campaign into action in collaboration with states, and states based action coalition and its initiatives. The Role of RWJF and AARP on future of the nursing campaign. RWJF and AARP both are nonprofit organizations devoted to improving the health and health care issues that Americans are facing. RWJF and AARP are collaborating with various organizations, and individuals throughout the nation to find the measurable and inclusive solution of the health care issues that can improve health, assess for care, and bring the difference in their lives. RWJF and AARP join together to establish the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action building a coalition with groups of nurses, health care provider organizations, employers, consumer advocates, policymakers, patients, and others in all fifty states, including Washington, D C., and their focus is implementing the IOM’s recommendation of having 80% of working nurses with Bachelor degree
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