Health Care Bill Should Be Legal

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The Health-Care Bill has finally passed through Congress and the Senate. All Americans should now be able to afford health care. After several revisions, the bill has passed. Some parts of the bill will not take effect until 2014. One of those examples is to make it mandatory for everyone to purchase some type of health care insurance.We do not believe this Health-Care bill will have detrimental effects on our current health-care program. Once new competitive insurance markets open for business in 2014, individuals buying coverage comparable to what they have today will pay 14-20 percent less. This will be a plus for us. My husband and I have good insurance at the present time, which is an incentive for workers to remain with his former …show more content…

The bill will also put a stop to denial of health care for people who have preexisting health problems, or forcing them to pay high premiums for what care they already have. I feel I can relax now that this is off the table and will soon be in action. Sources: Rochester Sentinel, March 19, 2010, Front page, "Dems Sweeten Health Bill." Rochester Sentinel, March 26, 2010, Page 2, "Dems Complete Health Care Fight With the Final Touches. For those of you who did not get a chance to watch the program on Obama 's New Health Care Bill, on Tuesday, March 23, 2010, this is everything you need to know about this bill. Even if you did watch this program, but did not fully understand what will be going on in the near future, this is the only resource you need to learn about the conditions which are stressed by this new health care bill, which was signed both by the President and Vice President on national television. Those of you who are in larger companies such a banks, cell phone companies, grocery stores, fast food chains, and super centers, you should not have much to worry about. All companies which have more than 50 employees, have a mandatory law that they must provide some type of medical insurance for you, after a certain amount of time while you have been working there. This means that they will

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