Health Care Bubble Summary

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With the continued rise in health care cost, Nathan Kuafman wrote an article were he expressed a belief that a failure in the U.S. health care system is inevitable. Kaufman compares the fall of the health care system to the epic collapse of the real state market in 2007. In this essay we will explore of how the rising cost of health care effects will effect a case in the market and how organization can prepare for the assumed crash if the U.S. health care system.
The Burst of the Health Care System Bubble. If we look back to the 2007, three years before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed, the rate of uninsured Americans was at it highest and constantly rising (Zamosky, 2016). The plan for the ACA was decrease the number of uninsured Americans by offering affordable health insurance to everyone. The ACA has done exactly what it was expected to do offer health care to all American’s but how affordable are the health care plans? To date 90%
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Kaufman believed that health care organizations, should stay cleat of ACO’s and Medicare Shared Saving programs to ensure preparation. Even with the warning from Kaufman; using the ACO provisions of the ACA could be the way to avoid the down fall in the health care system. Shared Saving Program really stood out to me during my research. Even thought this program is currently used for Medicare patients, adjustments could be made to accommodate other health care plans on the market. This use of incentives could create better care for individuals, better health for the population, and lower growth in expenditures (CMS,2015). Lastly, usage of these types of incentives could create equality in health care across the board. The would allow each part of the health care system to come to an agreement and provided customize health care option for the consumer and reduce the amount of out of patient health care
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