Health Care Business Analysis Individual Paper

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Health Care Business HCS/577 June 29, 2015 Benjamin Ovando Health Care Business Analysis In creating a new operating budget a decision had to consider the type of budget that would best fit the needs of the hospital. Since there is several financial management practices involved with creating an operating budget, we must understand which practice will help us create a budget that is substantial for the needs of Patton Fuller Community Hospital. The Patton Fuller Community Hospital Nursing Statistics provided information including cost of nurse per hour, cost of nurse per 24 hour day, number of nurses per patient, number of nurses per day, nursing cost per day, and nursing cost per month. This statistical budget is the basis…show more content…
Managerial accounting provides essential data about the functions within the business. The reports that are provided by the managerial accountants focus on the performance of the business and the business environment. Managerial accounting is manager oriented and managerial accounting focus on the accounting duties of a manager. Managerial accounting is used on a day to day operation providing an analysis of cost and the cost benefits. Managerial accounting function as a source for the business developments and the capital budgeting. The primary concern with managerial accounting is to provide positive outcomes in the business production and the profit. The financial management aspect focus on providing the necessary information to the stockholders, stakeholders, and creditors are outside the business. Financial management generates reports and statistics about the business financial health and well being. The financial management enables stockholders to view his or her investments and see how well the investment in progressing. The financial management tools also give future stockholders the opportunity to make future decisions. The list of seven rules is a very clear guide for the truest financial reporting. The first rule is going concern. This states that financial
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