Health Care Case Study

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Health care reform continues to be an ongoing topic throughout the Unites States. A continuous focus remains on the restructuring of the delivery system. According to Si and Singh
(2015) cost, access and delivery of care are three major aspects of a healthcare system and the
United States (US) has a unique system unlike any other in the world. Specifically, the US does not have a government run health insurance program that entitles all citizens to have health insurance automatically. Additionally, the system does not function as a well-integrated network of elements that complement each other, instead a fragmented structure is currently in place.
Without equal access to healthcare through a uniform insurance platform, citizens struggle to
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In 2009, the Children’s Health Insurance Program
Reauthorization (CHIPRA) was approved by Congress and signed by President Obama. The reauthorization expanded funding for children’s coverage by $33 billion in federal funds over a
4.5-year period through 2013 and the ACA extended federal funding of CHIP through September
2015 (Raphael & Giardino, 2015).
Additionally, in January 2014, the ACA legally requires insurers to cover individuals with preexisting conditions and required the companies to charge everyone in the same plan the same rate (Hass, 2013). According to Shi and Singh (2015), prior to 2009 individuals with preexisting health conditions could not easily obtain health insurance in the individual health insurance market. Specifically, individuals were either denied coverage or could not afford what was available to them.
The quality of care that is provided to patients is among one of the biggest focal points in regards to US healthcare systems. Healthcare organizations are being held accountable for the quality of the care that is provided to their patents. Additionally, due to the fact that there are penalties related to poor performance as a result of changes set forth through the ACA, organizations are utilizing different strategies to ensure
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