Health Care Case Study

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A.Two influences of the associated Chronic Disease trends on Health care Costs. NZ like any other country have an increasing rate of chronic illnesses. One of the major cause of it is the aging population, old people as all knows are more susceptible and prone to acquire chronic diseases ("Chronic Diseases And Conditions Are On The Rise"). Government now designed and Chronic Disease Wellness programs that does not only make awareness on the prevention of diseases but to offer or extend help to patients and their family. Below are some impact in the absence of such program. On the first hand, being sick especially in a long period of time patient does not suffer alone physically but as overall they will have a decrease in quality of their…show more content…
There are many factors that contributes in the development or progression of this disease but the most striking are lifestyle and diet. Many of us now because of the busy work schedule and the like are having a sedentary lifestyle. Also, having a bad food choices like eating fast food is one of the best example. Stroke affects patient in many aspect of their life physical, emotional and mentality. There are many programs and goals Stroke foundation set but I'd like to highlight 2 of it. First, Accessible gyms, they collaborate in both government and NGO's most especially in work places to have an accessible exercise room where employees or the public an easily use at their convenient time. Second, Food and nutrition, increasing awareness to the public to eat more healthy and well balance diet. Both these contributes in the improvement of the quality of life and increasing or creating more health awareness to the public ("Stroke Foundation Of New Zealand - Reducing Risks, Improving Outcomes"). Second, Diabetes NZ, diabetes by nature is a very expensive disease most especially if the patient is already in his/her late stage. This can cause to multiple organ failure that is fatal by nature. Because of many causes like genetic, wrong food choices again can lead into this. This group actually provides a day to day guide in staying healthy. For instance, in the website, you can access to different recipes that you can prepare in a healthy way.

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