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The purpose of preventative medicine is to identify health conditions that can affect a patient's health in the future. One agency that focuses on preventative measures in the health care arena is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
Description and Structure of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was founded in 1946 (, n.d.). The CDC is one of the thirteen agencies that operates under the Department of Health and Human Services which is, "…the principal agency in the United States government for protecting the health and safety of all Americans…" (, n.d.). "Today, CDC is globally recognized for conducting research and investigations and
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The main purpose of this stage is to prepare adolescents for leading healthy lives as "productive members of society" (, n.d.). The CDC identifies this as achieving healthy independence.
The fourth stage is labeled as living a healthy, satisfying and productive life, and this stage pertains to the twenty to forty-nine-year age category. The goal of this stage is to, "increase the number of adults who are healthy and able to participate fully in life activities and enter their later years with optimum health" (, n.d.).
The final stage of the goal is identified as live better, longer and it is directed toward the fifty and older age group. The main focus of this stage is to, "Increase the number of older adults who live longer, high-quality, productive, and independent lives" (, n.d.).
Healthy People In Healthy Places "The places where people live, work, learn, and play will protect and promote their health and safety, especially those at greater risk of health disparities" (, n.d). The basic purpose is to ensure a healthy setting, which could include safe living quarters, healthy air, clean water, adequate sanitation in the food service settings, healthy food choices in vending machines, and/or quality health care (, n.d.). One way that the CDC can disseminate information gathered along with support of the data is CDC WONDER (Wide-ranging OnLine
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