Essay on Health Care Center for the Homeless: Changing with the Times

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Case Study
Health Care center for the Homeless: Changing with the times

Part I: Case Analysis A. size up the key problems/opportunities raised by the case Just as one bad apple can ruin the whole basket, an organization with one large problem can see the effects of that problem damage its entire organizational strategy. In the case of Health Care for the Homeless (HCCH), the lack of a strong marketing direction is what hinders this organizations ability to meet their organizational goals. The first problem can be summarized as a need for brand orientation. By definition, brand orientation puts the image and value of the brand at the core of all activity in order to affect more positive and effective outcomes. Currently, the
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Finally, the last problem identified is the need for HCCH to widen its scope. If HCCH applied for a federal change in scope, from a health care facility for the homeless to one addressing community wide needs, this would allow HCCH to report this full client base to the government for increased funding.
However, in light of its organizational problems, the situation surrounding HCCH has many opportunities. First, increased funding looks promising; as $875 billion dollars has of late been approved with the Affordable Care Act to challenge the unacceptable status quo of health care in all of America. Second, HCCH is in a good position to be repositioned- meaning that HCCH’s core values of service, equality, and trust are important values to its stakeholders and will only better be reinforced through an effective rebranding. The rebranding itself is of course the third opportunity as the professional advice sought generated enlightening ideas and will guarantee a quality solution. By leveraging these opportunities and strategically managing and mitigating its problems, HCCH has the potential to create a viable marketing plan that will help keep it moving towards its organizational goals.

B. Identify the main strategic alternatives There are multiple strategic alternatives that are available for HCCH to employ. Ranging from: Narrowing the patient

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