Health Care Challenges when Working with Adolescents Essay

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In health care we work with many populations. When working with the adolescent population we have many health care challenges. Adolescents experiences profound physical changes which occur rapidly. These include increased rate of bone and muscle growth, sex specific changes and development of the sexual reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics. “”Changes are created by hormonal changes within the body when the hypothalamus begins to produce gnoadotropin-releasing hormones” (Potter & Perry, 2005, p. 205). This is a time when adolescents become preoccupied with their appearance and body image and begin developing a sense of identity. This can be stressful for many adolescents and they may have difficulty coping with these…show more content…
There are several warning signs nurses can assess for when caring for an adolescent. When assessing history for an adolescent assess ask if they are maintaining their grades. A decrease is school performance can indicate that they are under increased emotional distress. If they are withdrawn and isolative to friends and family then this can indicate that they are depressed and at higher risk for suicide. Additional signs would be a decrease in appetite despite illness and poor sleep. These can indicate an increase in anxiety due to individual, family or social/environmental factors. If an adolescent verbalizes suicidal ideation with or without a plan then they must be referred to seek psychiatric treatment with a psychiatrist or at a psychiatric facility. Having increased suicidal ideation that goes unaddressed can have many negative effects on the cognitive development of an adolescent. They can develop chronic depression and begin to isolate themselves from family and others. This will have a negative impact on their social development. If they have overwhelming thoughts of suicide that keep them preoccupied then they will have a negative sense of self identity. They may feel that they are worthless and do not matter and that the world would be better off without them. Some adolescents develop suicidal ideations related to having a poor perception of body image, which will continue if they do not come to terms with it. This will also

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