Health Care Changes and Challenges

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Health Care Changes and Challenges Dindi White HSC490 May 18, 2015 Jennifer Johnson Health Care Changes and Challenges Some people may believe that health care is not changing. However, today's health care system is changing. Today’s advanced technology and growing population have required health care organizations to evolve. Changes in health care can present challenges, and the challenges must be addressed and dealt with accordingly. Today’s health care system is changing. In order for health care to remain a competitive force in today’s business world, it must be aware of the shifts taking place that will affect them. Social media, advancements in technology and awareness of consumer behavior are three shifts currently taking…show more content…
“There must be a match between the organization’s mission and the resources required to meet the target market requirements” (Eric, 2011, p. 25). Incorporating an effective marketing strategies into a health care organization will present potential challenges. However, a health care organization that understands identifies, and utilizes the appropriate marketing tools increase their chances of success. Current challenges such as the rising cost of health care and insurance coverage have been addressed by health care organizations and the government. Rising health care costs have affected the type of care received. Health care organizations have developed programs that support preventive, managed health care. These programs encourage consumers to be proactive and participate in the care provided. By actively involving consumers in their care, healthcare organizations can keep the cost of care at a minimum. Preventive care is the future of health care and the key to keeping health care costs under control. Unnecessary tests, procedures, and medications are no longer ordered. Health care coverage in today’s society is mandatory according to the new laws that govern health care. Prior to the Health Care Reform Act individuals were not required by law to obtain health care coverage. The Health Care Reform Act has enabled consumers to obtain health care
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