Health Care Communication Methods

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This new era brings pros and opportunities seeing that in the past you had numbers of or contacts of how people generally got ahold of you, and today with the large part of social media there are many different levels of communication each with a specific purpose. Only you are able to limit the people that know and have your information Health Care Communication Methods 5 and can see what you post on any profile. Therefore social media has made it easy for the national drug manufacturer to be able to become a social media website and post and information that is needed and wanted by its viewers. In this case this type of communication has many pros in the way it can send out information to people all over, targets a wide audience, effective recruitment tool, facilitates open communication, and you are able to deliver communication to the specific person it is intended for. The disadvantages of electronic, and social media is that it increases the risk online scams that seem real, possibility of hackers committing fraud , and negative comments that can be seen about the company in which they may not be true. It has become more popular to receive a telephone call, or a text message verifying an appointment or a prescription
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