Health Care Communication Methods Essay

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Health Care Communication Methods

HCS 320
October 22, 2012

Health Care Communication Methods
As the Communication Coordinator for this national drug manufacturer, today we will need to brainstorm and discuss how we will address the negative effects that our medications are causing to the public. The local news has already started the witch hunt by allegedly reporting that our local mayor has suffered from adverse affects from our medications. How can we address the public regarding this issue without losing business and the trust we created with our investors and our consumers? In today’s meeting we will decide which communication tactic is most suitable for this situation, while making sure that we do not break any
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Some advantages electronic media provides is that the message can be communicated to large number of people at a time, any message can be sent and delivered in no time, and a variety of audio, video, text can be used in one single medium (Advantages and disadvantages of written communication, 2012). Even though all of these seem like great ways to communicate with the public regarding drug manufacturing issues there are some disadvantages to using electronic and social media sites (Comparison of traditional media with electronic media, n.d). Some are that it is less intimate, it can be expensive to hire someone to program the sites and manage them, and it gives us limited access in rural areas. Nevertheless the chart below shows that there has been a substantial growth with people accessing healthcare information from electronic and social media sites.
Graphic from “Study Predicts Growing Use of Social Media in Healthcare” (Levin, 2012)

Another concern we have at the moment is also that we need to make sure that we stay within HIPAA and other regulations guidelines when using any form of media. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) established new standards for the confidentiality, security, and transmissibility of health care information. There are three types of standards created by HIPAA: privacy, security, and administrative
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