Health Care Communication Methods

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Healthcare Communication 2 Healthcare Communication Methods This report is about healthcare communication methods and the effect of HIPAA on the use of these methods. These two constructs are particularly discussed in the context of a situation when a local nursing home is to be purchased by national group and the work force in it will be affected by this administrative change. It is also expected that structural changes will take place and a new culture will be introduced. It is to be taken in special consideration that many patients who reside at nursing home will be displaced. Their shifting may occur as a big challenge as many of them have no acquaintances at that locality. The shift will cause change in their caretakers, care taking pattern and other healthcare practices as well. Keeping in view this situation, it is broad daylight that communication between the nursing home and the patients will be disturbed. The paper highlights the fact that communication must be streamlined so that the patients do not suffer. Since Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is enforced by US Department of Health and Human Services, it has necessary impact over the communication practices and the adopted methods must be evaluated in the guidelines provided by HIPAA. The report will cast light upon the communication methods, their pros and cons and effects of HIPPA in the context of healthcare organization. Communication Methods in Healthcare Organization
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