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Personal and Professional Health Care Communication

June 27, 2011

Personal and Professional Health Care Communication "Health communication refers to health-related transactions between individuals who are attempting to maintain health and avoid illness" (Northouse & Northouse, 1998, p. 20). The effectiveness and therapeutic nature of communication between individuals in any health care relationship has a strong influence on the success of interpersonal relationships and health outcomes.
Definition of Health Care Communication Health care communication is any human transaction that focuses on health-related issues. Health care communication refers to any verbal, nonverbal, or written exchanges between
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These interactions can greatly influence patients' health care decisions and outcomes (Northouse & Northouse, 1998).
Effective Communication In the professional-patient relationship, effective communication involves the patient's ability to communicate his questions and concerns to the health care provider, who in turn directs his or her attention to the patient so that the patient's needs are heard, clarified with feedback, and addressed (Northouse & Northouse, 1998). Health care professionals must also provide a clear presentation of health care information devoid of medical jargon along with an assessment of their clients’ understanding of the content so that they can make informed decisions about their care (Quick, 2010). Effective communication between professionals is an important element in the delivery of quality patient care. Health care professionals need to work together for successful patient outcomes; therefore communication must occur between all of those involved with the patient's care. These transactions include thorough documentation by all health care providers, comprehensive handoff reports to oncoming staff, along with respectful interactions with one another (Northouse & Northouse, 1998). Examples of effective communication include: verbal order read backs to avoid medication errors, collaboration of a multi-disciplinary team to ensure that all the client’s

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