Health Care Communications Methods

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Health Care Communication Methods Megan Price HCS/320 March 10, 2014 Paul Wing Health Care Communication Methods As the Communications Coordinator for RxRUS, I have been tasked with addressing the public about the concerns and reports of negative effects of one of our medications that is used by a significant part of the population. Also, we have received reports that one of the individuals who claim to have experienced significant negative effects from this particular medication is a well-known public figure. Our consumers have been our number one priority for the last 40 years. I want to begin by saying that it is our top priority to see that our consumers receive medications that have been…show more content…
It is very time consuming and it disseminates rapidly. Also, you risk a loss of control with your marketing. I will also use electronic media as a method of communication to reach out to the public regarding this situation at hand. This includes television and radio. Electronic media is beneficial because it has high accessibility and people can share public opinions. Also, with electronic media, people receive updates on news stories immediately. On the other hand, electronic media has some disadvantages as well. News can get blown out of proportion and there is always a chance of media bias. Also, information can be misinterpreted. HIPAA Act focuses on increased confidentiality and stronger security measures to protect health information (Hixson & Hunt-Unruh, n.d., para. 1). Any information posted to blogs, Facebook accounts, or communities online by health care organizations should be ready for the public to see. Also, there should be policies and guidelines related to online communications put in place before using these means of communication. The HIPAA Act also provides patients with increased access to their own medical records and also restricts and regulates who else can see them (Du Pré, 2005, p. 100). We at RxRUS are only concerned with the safety and satisfaction of our consumers. We take strict precautions and do extensive research and testing on all of our medications and products to ensure the quality and safety of said
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