Health Care Costs On Americans

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The intended audience for this argument is any individual who provides or receives health care in America. This paper can also be read and understood by anyone who is curious about the effects of health care costs on Americans. Americans Facing Rising Health Costs The U.S. has experienced a dramatic change over the last decade. Health costs have continued to rise and have become unreasonable. The spending of health care costs has affected the citizens of the U.S. as well as health care facilities negatively. Americans are not capable of paying for health expenses on their own. There are some reasonable options that have been suggested as a solution to this issue, but have not been successful. For example, aids such as health insurance and Medicaid help with a certain percentage of the overall cost, but people are still left to pay for health insurance premiums and the remaining expenses that the insurance does not cover. Also, the government has contributed a large amount of money towards healthcare supplies such as prescription drugs, but there are some consequences such as the future researching for drugs and other cures for illnesses being hindered. Although relying on the government to contribute to rising health costs seems like the best solution, there are consequences which causes a drastic effect on Americans and future research on cures for diseases. In the twentieth century, medicine began to give way from hands-on professions to a more high-tech and expensive
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