Health Care Crisis

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Health Care Crisis There are currently about 46,000 licensed doctors practicing in the state of Pennsyvania, according to the Pennsylvania Department of State and many are leaving. The health care crisis has become a hot topic in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. With many doctors preparing to leave and some of which have all ready left the state due to the rising costs of medical malpractice insurance. According to the American Medical Association Pennsylvania is one of twelve states in the midst of a liability crisis. "Steven Barrer doesn't want to move to New Jersey. ‘I'm being forced out,' Barrer said. A neurosurgeon affiliated with Abington Memorial Hospital, Barrer has been dropped by his current malpractice insurance carrier and…show more content…
Jessica was O-positive and the organs were type A. Jessica's body almost instantly began rejecting the new organs. There was a case where a woman had both breasts wrongly removed because of a mix up and the woman who died due to a botched organ transplant. Then there are those claims or lawsuits that are frivolous. One particular case is where a SEPTA bus was involved in a traffic accident. Injuries reported were minor in nature. However, one woman initiated a $5 million dollar lawsuit claiming she had lost her clairvoyant powers after the accident. Citing the use of a CAT scan by the treating physician and hospital as the primary reason she lost these powers. The Philadelphia jury awarded her $5 million dollars, which was subsequently reduced to approximately 2 million. The people who seem to benefit most are the lawyers, law firms and sometimes the patients. Lawyers will tell you that caps on damages are unfair and ineffective. They claim that capping awards will not solve the current crisis in the state. Caps would punish the most severely injured victims of avoidable medical mistakes victims of blindness, deformity, and amputation. Do not even attempt to speak to a plaintiff's attorney about having caps placed on awards from a civil case. No one can put a price tag on their child's head. If Jessica were your daughter would a cap of $250,000 be enough for you. "Caps won't reduce premiums. Insurance companies' bad investments, greed, and even fraud have
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