Health Care Delivery For Marginalized People And Groups

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Step 1: Discuss the ways stigma can influence health care delivery for marginalised people and groups in Australian society? People from the following groups may be stigmatised. Explore this question from one of the following marginalised groups: refugees, Indigenous Australians, mentally ill or homeless people, older adults or the disabled. Step 2: I arrived to Australia as an immigrant. I read ( ) and find out that Australia is one of the most ethnically diverse country in the world. In 2011, more than one-quarter of the total population was born overseas, with more than half of these population born in non- English speaking country. With my own experience I am reflecting on how stigma come in refugee and it influence health care delivery for them. Refugees came from different countries where language, culture, life style is different from Australia. With some research I found that refugees have a variety of bad experiences in the past, Most have faced deeply distressing and harrowing experiences and many have survived a range of physical, psychological and emotional traumas and I feel that according to my experience when they come to Australia they again face so many challenges, for example language barriers and cultural barriers, which can discourage their ability to use health care facilities. I think lack of cultural sensitivity from providers as an obstacle to seeking care some refugees also have expectations about health care providers that
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