Health Care Delivery Model : Transitional Care Essay

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the transition can be challenging for both the patient and family members, therefore, the need for PN (Chase-Ziolek, 2014). Although introduced recently in the health care delivery model, transitional care has some elements of care provided by FCNs among faith communities (Breisch, et al., 2013; Peterson, Atwood, & Yates, 2002; Ziebarth & Miller, 2010). For instance, the FCN can help in facilitating change related to increased knowledge on disease management. Consequently, awareness can be extended to the community members and parishioners and enable them to control diseases.
Other than providing spiritual care to the community, FCN also provided counseling, active listening, referrals, education, advocacy, and prayer. Therefore, FCNs can promote community awareness related to health issues, and develop community collaborations to enhance health promotion. Breisch et al. (2013) established that advocacy for appropriate levels of care for susceptible populations and people with inadequate access to healthcare is a role that can be played by FCNs. In addition, FCNs are responsible for the provision of awareness among church communities with low-literacy skills to promote healthcare. Through the initiation of referrals for clinical treatment, providing assistance to access home care resources, assisting with extended care appointments, and providing support to healthcare consumers, FCNs can promote improved quality care.
This DNP proposal will have a significant role in the
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