Health Care Delivery System During The United States

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Health Care Delivery System in the United States The whole world has issues with healthcare and how to provide care for all their citizens. The United States is currently in the process of making changes to its healthcare system. There are currently multiple types of health insurance in the United States. Today, I will address the health care insurance I have, its products, source of my insurance, my out-of-pocket expenses, the level of coverage I receive with my plan, the major limitations to my coverage, and the process of receiving needed care, needed care in my plan including exams, how to get to a specialist if needed and the process for non-emergency care. I have public health insurance provided by the military (MHA507 Module 1 Home page, 2015). With the coverage I have, my healthcare is primarily provided by military treatment facilities (MTF). My health care is provided by a primary care manager (PCM); if it is found to be necessary then you are sent to a specialist in the MTF. By having military doctors, nurses, and technicians provide care to the military and their families it saves money. Since Tricare dose not reimburse a lot the cost saving makes it possible to provide care. My insurance is provided 100% by my employer. I have no deductible, co-pay, or premiums. Some say that this is unfair and the military should be like everyone else and have to pay some for their insurance, I disagree with this. As the civilian economy is getting pay raises due to cost of
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