Health Care Delivery System Throughout The United States

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Health Care Delivery System in the United States

Healthcare is a hot topic for all Americans and everyone has their own views on how the healthcare system should run. This includes the public and the politicians. Today we are going to address issues in the United States healthcare system including access to care for both physical and financial reasons, how payment for care runs the industry, and quality of care in the aspects of internal factors including: public insurance plans, and private insurance, as well as the external factor of the economy. With the United States population living longer and the Baby boomers retiring there is a shortage of providers and provider appointments to meet the needs of all patients. This along with the fact that providers are opting to sell their private practices to hospitals; due to the advantages of work in hospital based practices, where they see the same patients with less concern for billing, reimbursement, and the lack of a private life, according to Becker and Kirchheirmer (2010). These are major physical issues with the current healthcare system in the United States at this time. If there are not appointments or providers to see patient then it truly does not matter if a patient has insurance or not. Event the patient, who have private insurance according to the CDC (2013) are being turned away as new patients. The full impact of the Baby Boomer retirement and aging status has not even hit yet. Then, you add in the newly…
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