Health Care Delivery System in the United States

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Health Care Delivery System in the United States
Diana Horton
Trident University
Health Care Delivery Systems
Dr. Thomas Esch
January 19, 2013

Health Care Delivery System in the United States
Introduction: The problem: Access to health care physically and financially, healthcare system in today’s society has failed to provide quality care for the U.S. Americans. There are so many ways that the system falls short in providing proper care. The healthcare is mainly based on the government to provide care for a particular group of people according to their income and not everyone has the same treatment, some having to pay for care through some type of insurance premium. When looking at this system of care, families are all
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This would be balanced to assist families with affordable insurance and benefit the insurance market that would create a quality delivery system as well as cost efficient. The responsibilities to the family is following the guidelines and policy, maintaining their health by having their yearly check-ups, scheduling routine appointments to see their provider as necessary when a problem may arise and maintaining their insurance coverage. The shared responsibilities is the insurance companies provide a stable plan that will improve the delivery system by making American families a priority with having access to a health care system in which quality care is provided and affordable to the family. Solution to health care expenditure, Preventive measures and promoting health can help with health care spending. Management of long –care diseases and establishing a good foundation with advance health technology well build better patient satisfaction, along with cost effectiveness. The reforms improvements values is not a routine step, many believe that the change in delivery systems may decrease the costs, but some feel that it should be more stable in costs by establishing guidelines that are more promising and effective. These guidelines and policies should be put in place to improve the health care system.(brennan, cafarella, kocot, mckethan, morrison, nguyen, shepherd and Williams,2009). Solution to quality of care,
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