Health Care Economics

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The economy is tied into everything that is put into it. Economics certainly apply to health care and the way that health care is administered in our country during this time. To ignore such a vital part of our economy would be disingenuous and dishonest. The purpose of this essay is to examine the relationship between the economy and the health care system. The essay will also investigate this issue by examining the statistical methods that contribute to the measurements of the economic factors that affect the health care system.
In order to understand the impact of the health care system on the economy it is important to first define the terms of the discussion. The economy is meant to mean in this argument the grand total exchange of goods and services that occurs during any given time amongst any given group of people. The economy is usually measured by the exchange of goods and services for currency. The currency, in this case the US Dollar, is used to measure the amount of interchange between people to measure how much is being produced and being sold, how much is being saved and how much is being invested.
The health care system is not as large a term to define but significantly more difficult. Health care usually only occurs when people are sick and ill. Preventative maintenance , which is the true meaning of health care, is often ignored in the process. Instead, pill subscription, doctor examinations and tests, surgeries, procedures and recommendations all
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