Health Care Environmental Checklist

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Health Care Environmental Checklist Student Name University Health Care Environmental Checklist After reading and preforming the health care environmental checklist I selected supervision of non-licensed personnel is by professional nurses, staffing requirements are based on acuity levels and optimum staffing models, and nursing leadership and management as areas I would address as a nurse manager. As a registered nurse you are responsible for the supervision of unlicensed direct care staff in the performance of nursing tasks and activities. It is the responsibility of the nurse manager and the company to ensure that all staff is adequately trained regarding the elements of supervision and delegation of duties. As a nurse…show more content…
Staffing may be expressed as the number of staff members required for providing care to a particular number of patients, or it can describe the way in which human resources are used in a particular setting (Groher-Murray & Langan, 2011, p 273). Theoretically, when sufficient structural inputs are placed, better outcomes are produced. As the nurse in charge it is important to make sure that there is sufficient and trained staff not only for safety but for legal reasons. The unit I currently work for has a staff to patient ratio of one nurse for every 12 patients, and one patient care technician to every 4 patients. If I were nurse manager I would address this issue for not only safety, but for the nurse so they do not develop work related stress or burnout. As a manager, portraying positive attitude and motivating staff will help with staffing issues. Positive feedbacks and words of encouragement help with the staffing morale. Leadership is a much broader concept than is management. Although managers should also be leaders, management is focused on the achievement of organizational goals. Leadership, on the other hand occurs whenever one person attempts to influence the behavior of an individual or group (Groher-Murray & Langan, 2011). In order to become a good manager you also have to be a great leader. Leadership is a role not all nurse managers possess. As a nurse manager I would
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