Health Care Ethics Vs Prudential Personalism

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In society,the moral principles that conduct one's behavior of an activity to be acknowledged as right or wrong, is known as ethics. Ethics is known to be the knowledge of what would be the respectable and right way to encounter situations. In the medical profession, the term Health Care Ethics, or Bioethics, is applied from Christian knowledge as to what healing is. In Health Care Ethics for example, Jesus-the central figure around the foundations of attaining love- encountered two different versions of ethics throughout his life and showed how he exhibited his morality in such nature. The two ethics, duty ethics and ends-means ethics are ethics that Jesus himself became familiar with; they both are principles that although contrast in…show more content…
Both ethics reflects way to live the way God intended, and they also show how to act with rightful conduct. Duty ethics and ends-means ethics place a sense of value on all humans. They both create the basis of love and understanding and although contrast in strong ways, they both deepen reasoning in life and guide people in path to learn what is right in God’s eyes, while identifying human nature. This happens to be analogous to prudential personalism, or the ethical approach to reasoning means with general ideas benefiting a certain goal in particular situations. Prudential personalism is a widespread concern in medical fields as to what is right in many circumstances. For example, health care providers are forced to wisely apply general norms of lawfulness to certain cases. They should not make a decision for a patient based on personal beliefs, but instead should look at the generality of the situation to make judgment calls. Today in society situations like catholic hospitals complying with moral teachings while also treating non-catholic patients and the line of prudential personalism, our generality, the church has to go to not be to biased but to also not lose practices
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