Health Care Expenditure

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Christina Calderon HCS 440 December 8, 2012 John Branner/ Instructor Healthcare Expenditure Healthcare in the United States can be a controversial issue and individual’s views differ from the policymakers. The controversial issue is some agree with the money being spent and some do not agree with the money being spent on Healthcare. This paper will be discussing to support of healthcare expenditure and how it is necessary for the American population. Current Level of National Healthcare Expenditures: Healthcare costs have been one of the most expensive things and is still continuing to be expensive. It cost patients over $8,000 dollars for each patient per year, which is more than double of other nations. Staying healthy in the…show more content…
I believe the qualifications should be immediate for someone that has been diagnosed with a disease that is possible life threatening such as cancer. I believe that certain prescriptions should be covered under Medicare, which is a state funded health insurance for the elderly generation. The older generation already struggle on a fixed income and having to struggle to afford their medications is just as bad I think certain medications should be offered and paid for them and not having them to worry about how they are going to afford their medications on their budgets. Public Healthcare Needs Paid for What? Individual’s ages 65 and older have the availability to a program called Medicare. Medicare is program funded by the government program that covers basic care such as physicals, sick visits etc. and it cost nothing to them. There is also a program that is Medicaid. Medicaid is a program funded by the government for individuals and their families. This program covers basic care for anyone and cost nothing to them under the age of 65. Private health care is the most popular way of paying for health services. The insurance is generally available through employers and are for employees and their. Employees generally have the opportunity to choose from a number of different private plans, or the company insures its employees itself. Generally employees and their families pay for part of the coverage cost themselves which are
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