Health Care Facility Of Policlinico Di Modena Hospital

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Policlinico di Modena Hospital is secondary level health care facility where it offers medical treatment and services to patients. The Hospital has a total of number of 100 employees which fall under the medium sized business. It is a well-established business which operates in a permanent premises of Modena, Italy. It uses advance technology such as software’s and programs keeping medical records; laboratory, Emergency Room, Operating Room, Delivery Room equipment and machines. The facility was renovated to compensate with the modern environment of the market, it cost 30 million apart from the materials, supplies and equipment purchased thereafter. It is legally registered as Limited Liability Company, it caters local patients and foreigners as well. These are the number list of employees in differentdepartments: - Physicians League:4 - Administration:5 - Nursing Department:50 - Business Office:10 - Pharmacy :2 - Radiology :3 - Central Supply Section :5 - Laboratory:3 - Security staff:5 - Consultants:5 - Kitchen:5 - Housekeeping:4 A. Key Provisions of Relevant Legislation andRegulations It is important to have working knowledge about the legislations and regulations involvedin the business because it will serve as a guide to keep the business operations follow legal matters to prevent any violations or legal inconsistency, and also to coincide with the objectives of the law before forming a plan or framework of any activities, especially in the riskmanagement. Duty of care
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