Health Care Financing : An Example For Future Students And Classes

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In Mauritius, the leading diseases are hypertension and diabetes with almost prevalence of 28% and 17% respectively (1), and the reason for this is linked to globalization and their changing life styles. Health expenditure per capita is about 449 US dollars, and also there are widely increasing medical tourism programs in Mauritius and based on the data almost 10,000 foreign patients are seeking medical care per year (2). Health care finance in Mauritius: It is basically the collection of the funds from various resources either from the government or businesses in the form of tax collection or from the donors and utilizing this fund for the health services which can be either public or private services, so that to share the financial burden on the population. The main objective of health financing is to make sure the funds are available for cost effective procedures, also give financial support to the providers and ensure all the individuals has accessibility to health services. Based on the statistics(1), government of Mauritius spends approximately about Rs.2630 million per year on the health services which accounts for almost 2.8% of its GDP. This implies that government is spending about Rs.2180 per person per year on the health services. When compared with developed countries it is less but the health system in Mauritius is overall an effective system and according to WHO, Mauritius was ranked

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