Health Care For The Affordable Care Act

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Issues in Health Care Careers These days Health Care professionals face many issues in their day to day services either as doctors, nurses, or non-medical professionals. Aging and end of life care is an issue that a lot of doctors these days are having to face with their terminally ill patients. Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS) is a very hot topic these days and could be a major part of future healthcare services and insurances. With the changes is hospice care and PAS in today’s healthcare system the current system the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will have to be improved to assure that all of these new changes are accounted for and apply to every American. Planning for end of life care for a loved one can be a very difficult process for some families. Knowing that you are going to lose a loved one and planning for how they will be taken care of can be quite stressful. End of life planning can be used in two different scenarios one of which is for terminally ill patients and the other is for the aging and elderly. Planning for end of life care can be quite expensive with all of the doctor visits and counseling’s. In Obama’s Affordable Care Act there is some hope for the elderly for paying for some of these expenses. The Affordable Care Act has a provision within it that encourages seniors to attend an “end-of-life” counseling. The provision would offer Medicare coverage for end-of-life counseling every five years, or more recurring visits if the patient is dealing with a

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