Health Care For The Health Of Animals And Work For Improve Public Health

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When an animal is sick, injured, or not doing what the animal does in a daily basis; then, that is the time when to call a vet for help. A vet is a person that works with animals and tries to treat the animal. A vet is a good job in fact, but to get the degree and finish veterinary school is the hard part but the salary and job outlook looks very good.
Some duties that veterinarians have to do are examine and diagnose animals’ health problems, treat wounds, perform surgery, and test and vaccinate for diseases (“Veterinarians” para. 11). Diagnosing and treating conditions of animals is the main service of a veterinarian (M, Taylor para. 2). Vets also have to calmly explain the condition of the pet, or the procedure the pet has to go through to the pet owner (M, Taylor para. 2). The article stated, “Veterinarians care for the health of animals and work to improve public health” (“Veterinarians” para. 2). To treat the animal, Veterinarians have to make the right decision for treating illnesses and injuries of animals because vets cannot give the pet the wrong treatment, or the pet would not get any better or even worse get more sick (“Veterinarians” para. 39). Most of all a vet should be a person that loves to be around animals (“M, Taylor para. 7). The U.S. Bureau of Labor of Statistics said,”Strong communication skills are essential for veterinarians, who must be able to discuss their recommendations and explain treatment options to animal owners and give instructions…
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