Health Care Fraud Is A Crime

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Health care fraud comes from many aspects. Fraud comes from some type of abuse to the system. Such abuse can come from billers, providers and or patients. Abuse of the system can turn into fraud. Because the fraud can come from many angles, it makes it really difficult for regulatory agencies to detect and protect against abuse and fraud. However, many changes to the system and the collaboration of regulations by many agencies have made a difference. Health care fraud is a crime that over time has had a significant impact on public and private health care payment system (Kongstvedt, 2013). Making a difference for this topic can have a significant impact on health care in general. Health care fraud takes a lot of means from the system, therefore affecting its goals. Not only does it distract the system from its objective, it also affects the financial status of the government. It takes a lot of effort to control fraud, economic effort that can otherwise be use in other struggles. Because this industry is one that grows with popularity, it is very difficult for only one organization to control or manage abuse or fraud. Popularity in this field brings great financial gains by those who choose to cheat or abuse the system. Above all, one must continue to make efforts to fight back and to control the losses caused by fraud. In order to continue these efforts, one must first understand how much is lost by these criminal acts. Therefore, this paper will focus on one
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