Health Care Industry

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Over the years, healthcare industry has undergone many changes that turned out to be beneficial for the society as a whole. The modern day transformations have eased out the hectic schedule of the doctors to a certain extent. At the same time, patients get the best solutions to their health related problems. Introduction Have you ever thought what it’s like to lead the life of an old. Maybe to find an answer, you need to visit an elder home or old age care centre. As the people get older, they tend to become someone who craves for the attention of others. They seem to be no less than children who at every instant need someone by their side. Perhaps it’s old who even leaves behind kids in that scenario. The only think that they seem to…show more content…
The trend of old age care centre that basically is more in the west where people consider family as a hinder in their progress and libert8y, they avoid to take care of family specially their dependent old parents. Trends of old age care centres are also spreading in Asia, even in a society where every social NGO's working for it. Even the culture where everyone lives together now follows similar merits as in the west. Perhaps the generation gap between the two ultimately worsens the beauty of relationship of experience and talent. Even all the religions of the world unite on one cause i.e. to respect the elderly. All of them prohibited to behave badly with parents, not even allowing speaking in harsh language with them. There are various reasons that children send their parents to spend their life lonely but the time when they need us a lot we leave them alone. If they wouldn't bring up so we shall be spending life in a destructive way. But they taught us, spend a lot of money in our education in our food and other necessity of life. We can't even repay them but we are adopting western culture. Unclear family system is promoting very fast because they basically forget the sacrifices of their parents. Most people say nowadays everything is getting expensive, we can't afford to take care of parents and then leave them in old age home , but if they don't have money to spend on them so how they pay to money to old age
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