Health Care Industry : The World 's Largest And Fastest Growing Industries

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Introduction: In today 's time, the Health care industry also called the medical industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries. The Health care industry is a combination and integration of divisions within the economic sector that provides goods and services to treat patients with curative, preventive, rehabilitative and palliative care. In the United States, health care industry is steadily rising to meet the requirements of a growing population with an increasing life expectancy. With all the innovation and technological developments, health care management is becoming one of the fastest growing professions with many prospects in both direct care and non-direct care settings. Direct care settings are those…show more content…
Health care managers need to make sure that the functions are carried out in the best possible ways to meet the organizational goals by conforming the changes in healthcare laws, regulations, and technology. The role of health care manager is crucial as their decision makes a difference in the lives of people who looks forward to receiving appropriate, timely and efficient services possible. Leadership and change management: Good leadership is important for the success of any organizations. However, for the health care industry, which is progressively complex and evolving every day, the need of real leadership is becoming extremely crucial for the organization’s success. The Institute of Medicine report to ERR is Human (IOM, 2000) estimates that "98000 people die in the United States due to medical errors that could have been prevented." The purpose of this report is not to blame the organization but to create awareness that change is required in the system to provide high-quality service and care for all patients. To avoid such circumstances, various solutions include the use of advanced technology, education, and training, spending more capital on planning and operational side of the health care system. However, Leadership is the most important factor among all these solutions to avoid such circumstances and health care managers fulfill this role. A good leader not only manages but set the vision for the team to achieve their goals following a common plan

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