Health Care Informatics Case Study

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Health Care Informatics Case Study What are the risks of sharing your user name and password to the EMR? What is the impact on clinical practice and patient? Give clinical examples. Although the recent advancements in technology and electronic medical record documentation are associated with improved quality of patient care, the potential for compromised security is at an all time high. As and methods of retrieval and means of access to medical records increases, emphasis must be placed on the importance of patient privacy and user accountability. There are many risks associated with breaching one’s personal electronic medical record login information. One must view their login information as their personal signature, assuming…show more content…
The risk for miscommunication also increases greatly when the care provider is misrepresented in clinical documentation. The aforementioned risks are merely several examples of how direct patient care may be negatively affected by the sharing of login information. Failure to comply with confidentiality protocols and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act can result in loss of future or current licensure, may potentially end both care providers’ careers, and ultimately negatively affect direct patient care. Therefore, the significance of a violation, such as sharing a username and/or password, must never be underestimated. What do you see as an ethical dilemma? An ethical dilemma may occur “when moral issues raise questions that cannot be answered with a simple, clearly defined rule, fact or authoritative view” (McGonigle and Mastrian, 2015, p.71). Ethical dilemmas continuously arise in healthcare. Although the initial request for login information may not initially pose an ethical dilemma, dilemmas are certain to arise throughout the course of using another provider’s login information. Actions speak loudly of character and integrity, not assuming responsibility or ownership of one’s personal actions in an electronic medical record may just be one example of how the provider is jeopardizing the patient’s safety and right to confidentiality. If a provider is comfortable compromising the
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