Health Care Interface Design

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Interface Design for Healthcare Abstract. This paper is mainly discussing about the user interface design problems faced by the healthcare professionals in the healthcare industry with the applications in their handheld devices that assist them in dealing with daily routine work. The authors attempt to identify and address the key problems from the previous researches. To tackle these issues, a mobile user interface (UI) framework is reviewed as the basis for discussion and suggestion for improving future interface design for healthcare. The discussion also includes case study on the interface design of an existing medical applications available on iPhone as the example of evaluation.
1 Introduction
In the dynamic healthcare
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If only part of the screen is used to display information, users are unable to view the full information.
Typically, the medical information is delivered inside one display window on the handheld device. Only part of the information is seen as it squeezed with other elements, for example, navigation buttons, menu, and etc. to fit into the window. Most of the browsers in the computer are able to switch to full screen display and this function enable users to hide the unwanted toolbars temporary while increasing screen space for information display. However, this was not available on the browser of handheld device.
3.2 Scrolling is Not Good Design for Healthcare Interface Design
On top of that, research shows that most of the users do not like the scrolling button. Especially for users of healthcare information, they all agreed with the suggestion that scrolling should be avoided or at least minimized. In some interface design researches (e.g. Albers & Kim, 2001); researchers propose dragging the content presented on a screen as another solution for this problem. But this way has been proved that users are still not comfortable in other studies. As mentioned in previous research papers, healthcare information in the PDA devices should be able to use visualization and interactivity and minimize amount of text as much as possible on a screen. Scrolling is obviously not function for this purpose. Usually, information of healthcare for learning is better
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