Health Care Interview

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Health Care Interview
Lisa Smith
February 17, 2014
Instructor: Eugene Burwell

A career in the health care field is a growing profession. Unlike many different avenues of career choices, the health care field is projected to grow rapidly in many years to come. When a person decides to obtain a health care position they are able to literally live anywhere and still be able to find a job. There are numerous options of working anytime that fits into the daily routine of a person’s schedule. Also, the choice of deciding whether or not to work alone or work on team, depending on which path is chosen. I have had the pleasure in interview a licensed practical nurse name Rosa Witcher. A licensed practical nurse, LPN, is, “a
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Rosa stated that, “Teamwork and communication is a must when achieving quality care for the patients”. (Rosa D Witcher, personal communication, February 4, 2014). A typical day on the unit for Rosa consists of admitting patients, taking patients vital signs, drawing blood, bathing and dressing patients, moving patients from bed to chairs, transporting patients to various departments for test, and discharging patients. The most stressful days in her line of work arise when other nurses call out for scheduled work days and miscommunications. When nurses call out from work, the burden for other nurses becomes overwhelming. The other nurses must take on more patients for their shift unless a nurse is called to their unit for help. As a nurse of 25 years, I asked Rosa what are some of the technologies that has made her career more accommodating. She stated that, “The new medical beds that automatically shifts the patients in bed to prevent bed sores are very helpful”. (Rosa D Witcher, personal communication, February 4, 2014). In the past, nurses had to manually move patients every few hours to prevent bed sores. This has cost Rosa wear and tear on her back and shoulders over the years. Despite the fact that Rosa is a LPN, I asked her if she ever considered becoming a registered nurse for financial gain. The thought of Rosa going back to college has crossed her mind a lot but the enjoyment of being a LPN for so long is more than
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