Health Care Interview Essay

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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNAs) The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNAs) department at Arbor Springs Health and Rehab Center consist of nurses and nursing assistants providing direct, physical, and emotional care to the patients. The type work done in this department deals with one-on-one care from the nursing assistant to the patient. The interviewee has the responsibilities of helping patients with personal care tasks such as feeding, toileting and bathing, as well as transporting patients and providing support to both the patient and his or her family. Nursing assistants also monitor the patient's condition, taking vital signs and maintaining or checking medical and personal equipment such as catheters. CNAs assist patients with…show more content…
Training to become a medical assistant or CNA is offered by the Red Cross, community colleges, and online schools and through medical facilities. Some clinics will hire untrained and inexperienced workers and provide on-the-job training, but these opportunities may be hard to come by. Many schools offer training within medical facilities as part of their course programs as well. All CNAs must take an examination before they become qualified nursing assistants. To become a CNA you have to complete a training course which CNAs take anywhere from four to six weeks, and then get licensed in the state where you wish to work. After completing training, you’ll need to take a competency exam that tests both your book knowledge and practical skills that were taught during training. Practice tests and study guides are freely available online, so studying for the test should be a breeze.Moving into a new career after being a CNA will probably take at least two years of education, but the increased pay and benefits you’ll receive upon becoming a registered nurse or even an advanced practice registered nurse will easily make up for the time and money spent on education. There are a few positions that are much similar to CNAs. CNAs, orderlies, psychiatric aides, and medical assistants are often lumped into one large category, and though the positions share some similar duties. An orderly is a hospital attendant charged with non-medical patient care
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